Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.


You'll find here the list of components which are deprecated or partly deprecated.

last modified: 02/02/2024 16:55:08

Components status

last modified: 12/06/2023

Removed from dev, but not linked to a component

Will be removed soon... TBD

  • .rs-searchbox-sug
Name Expired since Official remove date
Icons Expiry date: 30/04/2021 TBD
Text colors Expiry date: 30/04/2021 TBD
Message box Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Tooltips Expiry date: 30/04/2021 TBD
Checkboxes Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Dropdown Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Radio buttons Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Search fields Expiry date: 30/06/2021 TBD
Select Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Text fields Expiry date: 30/09/2021 TBD
Patch Expiry date: 03/2023 TBD
Entrypoints Expiry date: 06/2023 TBD
Switch Expiry date: 04/2024 TBD
Message boxes Expiry date: 04/2024 TBD
Tags Expiry date: 04/2024 TBD
Status Expiry date: 04/2024 TBD

If you want more information about status, please contact us.