Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.


Inconsistencies in grammar and style interrupt concentration. Help users focus on your product by following these guidelines and applying them consistently.

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How do we address our customers?

Our Tone Of Voice is based on our brand personality, but two personality traits are more important in our “think possible” positioning. We certainly want to be enthusiastic and human. We also want to be trustworthy and innovative, but the latter play a supporting role.


  • We talk with you, not to you (dialogue/questions).
  • We use a language that is easy to understand.
  • We are authentic, we don’t use commercial BS.
  • We talk from a customer point of view, we don’t boast of how fantastic our products are.


  • We try to catch the reader’s attention.
  • We write in a positive, easygoing way.
  • We use smart and straightforward humor and “play with words” without exaggerating.
  • We use an emoticon/gif from time to time.


  • We are transparent and avoid small print.
  • We prove that the customer can count on us.
  • What we say is correct and reliable.


  • We convince our customers that our technologies and solutions make their lives and jobs easier and more convenient, by showing what’s in it for them.
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Use sentence-case capitalization for all UI text elements. This style is predominantly lowercase. Capitalize only the initial letter of the first word in the text and other words that require capitalization, such as proper nouns. For example, labels in a form would be written as “First name” and “Email address.”

Sentence-style capitalization makes it easy for readers to distinguish between common nouns and proper nouns, and is generally considered the quickest form to read.

Unless the name is a product or service name, or is trademarked, always use sentence-style capitalization.
All Proximus's products names

First and second person

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GSM gsm Mobile
SMS sms, sms’en SMS, SMSes
MMS mms, mms’en MMS, MMSes
carte SIM simkaart SIM card
carte nano-SIM nano-simkaart Nano SIM card
carte micro-SIM micro-simkaart Micro SIM card
carte Pay&Go Pay&Go-kaart Pay&Go card
code PIN pincode PIN code
code PUK pukcode PUK code
wi-fi wifi Wi-Fi
min min. min
s sec. s
5,5 pouces 5,5 inch 5.5 inch

Number formatting

Phone number

0800 33 800

Abbreviations FR/NL/EN

The abbreviations are the same in the 3 languages

  • 20 KB
  • 20 MB
  • 20 GB
  • 20 Kbps
  • 20 Mbps
  • 20 MHz
  • ADSL
  • URL
  • HD
  • UMTS
  • e-mail
  • e-Shop

Promo in patches

Promo web Webpromo Web promo
Installation gratuite Gratis installatie Free installation
1 mois d'essai gratuit Test 1 maand gratis 1 month for trial
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TV products

  • All Sports
  • Be tv
  • Movies & Series
  • Family

In the descriptive texts and in communications Option TV Tv-optie TV option TV-Option
Chaine Zenders Channel Sender
In Dutch, do not use the word "Kanaal" anymore, use the word "Zenders" instead.
  • Except when the meaning of the sentence requires the use of the word Kanaal for a good understanding.
  • Some sentences may need to be rewritten.
    Example: "Standaard vind je deze zender op kanaal 13" becomes : "VTM vind je op zender 13.
TV Bonus

No longer use the words: TV Bonus. Replace "Bonus" with an explanatory sentence.