Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.

Media devices

The media devices are a series of devices created to embed images or videos.

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The media devices are a serie of devices created to embed images or videos. These elements have been designed to separate the content from the frame. This, to optimize the maintenance of devices displayed through the website.


In order to change easily the look of the devices allover the website in just a few clicks. And avoid having a huge workload for production team whenever we want to update from a device to a newer one, we developped a 2 layer solution. The content is placed underneath the device who’s acting as a frame for the content that lies beneath it.

  1. Mobile

    Size ratio 1:2.16

  2. Tablet landscape

    Size ratio 16/9

  3. Tablet portrait

    Size ratio 1:1.43

  4. Laptop

    Size ratio 16/9

  5. Tv

    Size ratio 16/9


Your are free to mixed devices and choose among 5 compositions.


  1. Media-device (Mandatory)
    This is the image of the device you want to use.

    Design your own

    Your are free the design your own device according the types of devices available.

  2. Produced image (Mandatory)
    This area contain the content of the device. It could be an image or a video.


    Please refer to accessibility documentation for your image or you video.

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Attribute mobile/tablet/desktop
1. Mobile Margin-top 18.2%
2. Mobile Width 70%
3. Tablet landscape Margin-top 13.8%
4. Tablet landscape Width 82%
5. Tablet portrait Margin-top 10%
6. Tablet portrait Width 78%
7. Laptop Margin-top 9.5%
8. Laptop Width 66.5%
7. TV Margin-top 6.9%
8. TV Width 82.2%


You are free to place devices and/or compositions in the gridding the way you want.

last modified: 09/10/2023 13:05:22

There is 3 types of panels: You are free to use standalone devices or compositions of multiple devices.

A media devices are block elements taking full width of its container. Then the size of the device depends on its grid container.


If the video is informative, an alt must be added to the device <img> with a short description or title of the video.
If the video is decorative, the <img> alt should be empty.

Media in a smartphone

Media in a tablet (landscape & portrait)

Media in a Laptop

Media in a tv

Gridding composition

You are free to use the gridding to create as composition as you want but we recommend to the five templates below.

Composition 1

Composition 2

Composition 3

Composition 4

Composition 5