Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.


See deprecated code
expiry date: 30/04/2021

Tooltips display small additional information upon click, hover, or focus.

last modified: 24/11/2022 11:50:14


Tooltips are floating labels that briefly explain the function of a user interface element. Default tooltip can be triggered when user hovers, clicks or navigates to it via keyboard.


  1. Trigger
    The tooltip can be triggered on a icon, a text or an image. Cursor becomes a pointer.

    Tooltip icon

    2 icons are allowed to be used as tooltip icon:     

  2. Text content
    Use a verb phrase to describe the action on an icon, for example (e.g. Edit settings). Use only plain text and be concise. Tooltips can be a sentence fragment. If more detailed information is required, use another form of help such as a message box or an overlayer.

  3. Container
    A container is displayed around the text content with a solid color. Set container width to the size of the text label with the padding on the left and right on desktop and set it relative to the width of the screen on mobile.

Best practise

  • Tooltips appear on hover, focus, or click, and disappear after a short duration.
  • Continuously display the tooltip as long as the user long-presses or hovers over the element.
  • Tooltips are always paired nearby the element with which they are associated.


  • Use tooltips when you need to provide an explanation for an element.
  • Use tooltips to add a floating label that briefly explains the function of a user interface element.



  • For communicating critical information, like errors.
  • When you need to include links or actions.
  • When you have a long explanation.

Use a message box or an overlayer instead.

last modified: 15/09/2023 15:55:10
Info box

Please refer to the font sizes and colors default values.


Attribute Mobile Tablet Desktop
1. Trigger Icon/Font size Min. 1.6 rem
2. Trigger padding Left 1 rem 0.5 rem
3. Container Padding
Rounded corner
1 rem
0.5 rem
4. Content Font size Size 4
Attribute Mobile Tablet Desktop
Margin Left & right 2 rem 4 rem


Attribute Value
1. Trigger Icon color
Text color
Depending of the context
2. Text content Text color Body text color
3. Container Background color
0 0 3px 0 rgba(0, 0, 0, 0.25)
Dark theme

There is no specific tooltip for the dark theme. The container and the text content of the tooltip are the same. Only the trigger will then take the color of the body text of the dark theme.

last modified: 20/03/2024 15:00:14

To add a tooltip to an element you should:

  • add the class has-tip
  • add the attribute data-tooltip=""
  • add content of your tooltip insie a title attribute
  • If the element is not clickable also add the tabindex="0" attribute
Tooltip position

Default position of tooltip is at the bottom, but a different position can be added to the tooltip by putting following class:

Default tooltip


All @rsTooltips objects can receive all following parameters:

Name Type Description Default value
hoverText string The text containing the tooltip "Hover on desktop or touch me on mobile!"
tooltipText string Text of the tooltip "A fabulous tooltip"
position string The position of the tooltip:
htmlTag string Html tag containing the text "span"
isClickable boolean The tooltip is a clickable element
If yes, it will change the tabindex
XtraClass string Extra class to tooltip container ""
XtraParameters string Extra parameters/attributes to tooltip container ""
isDisabledOnMobile boolean The tooltip is disabled on mobile meaning it will only be visible on medium up false
iconXtraClass string Extra class on icon's <i>
(only for .rsInfo and .rsHelp )
Hover on desktop or touch me on mobile!

Different positions

Tooltip on top
Tooltip on the right
Tooltip on the left

Different html tag

This is a p

With a clickable element

Disabled on mobile tooltip


data-options="show_on:medium" attribute is added to the element who has a tooltip.

Hover on desktop, no tooltip on mobile

Icon tooltip

Available icons
  • icon-Information-box:
  • icon-Help:

With an info icon

With an help icon

Negative version

With an info icon

With an help icon

Icon tooltip opening an overlayer

You can open an overlayer with a tooltip icon , you can see example in overlayer page.


How to trigger the js

Each time you add tooltip element to the page, a refresh of foundation is needed: $(document).foundation();


EXPIRY DATE: 30/04/2021

The popover below is not accessible and should no longer be used.
This element will no longer be available from the expiry date meaning the related css will be removed and the element design will be broken if it's not adapted to the new html.

Class rs-popover

Click me to see the popover!

This is the content of the fabulous popover!

last modified: 28/02/2024 15:30:08

Configuration metadata

Selector: ds-tabs-button

Class: DSTabsComponent

Use case example



Name Type Default Required Description
id string undefined Yes Unique id of the component
tooltipText string undefined Yes The text shown by the tooltip
tooltipConfig ITooltipConfig undefined Yes Applies the configuration of the component
tooltipPosition TooltipPositionEnum undefined Yes Sets the position of the tooltip component




        export interface ITooltipConfig {
          disabledOnMobile?: boolean;

        export enum TooltipPositionEnum {
            Top = 'top',
            Bottom = 'bottom',
            Right = 'right',
            Left = 'left',