Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.

Angular release notes

You'll find all the details concerning Angular library releases.

last modified: 20/03/2024 14:50:12


      updateds-spinner component updated. Now it's auto centered. so alignment can only be nothing, LEFT or RIGHT


      updateRenamed all components to start with "DS".


      updateUpdate libraries with sub-entries. Import from DesignSystemModule is not working anymore !
      updateUpdate to standalone components.


      updateAll components tags are now normalized and starts with "ds-". Old tags are still working Will be deprecated on 1st of October!


      deprecatedUpdate in the options of the Progress bar component


      removedDeprecated pagination 'lib-pagination' replaced by 'ds-pagination' (aka 'lib-pagination-new')


      removedAddress component moved to it's own library pxs-angular-address
      newAdded new icon to IconEnum: IconsEnum.AI
      newPagination component has a new "page" output which emits the page number (first page = 0)
      updateSelect component: selectInputId can be a number or a string now
      updateAdded specificIcon input to messageBox and messageBoxOverlayer
      updateNew readonly input for lib-text-field
      updateNew readonly input for lib-select
      updateNew selectContentArray input for lib-select. Now you can provide directly the list of content and not an object anymore!
      updateAdded AI icon to IconEnum
      updateAdded ongoing to messageBoxTypesEnum
      updateThere can now be html in the content of an accordion
      fixedAlignment in html of the switch component
      fixedSome logic in the Pagination component
      fixedSome logic in the Select component
      fixedCounter: issue with inception lib and html alignment with DS


        Created enum for icons (IconEnum)
        Added Icons to buttons
        Added Ongoing type to messageBoxTypeEnum for lib-message and lib-message-overlayer
        lib-search-field: the selectedValues Output is now typed
        lib-select: added readonly input
        lib-test-field: added readonly input
        newStatus See here.
        newPrice See here.
        newIcon See here.
        deprecatedRemoved dateFormat from datepicker as group communication is standardized to dd/MM/YYYY
        No impact:
        lib-overlayer: warning text changed from console log to console error when used with style
        lib-overlayer-message: Got rid of foundation


        Added documentation in the DS repo so devs can update the docs when updating a component.
        newButton See here.
        newAction menu Component started. Not yet tested.
        newSorting directive (Moved from MYENT-Common) see here.
        newAddress component Added box number field with autocomplete and validation. Documentation coming
        Search field: Added isValid and enableWaitingDotsLoader inputs.
        Select field: Added isFormItemPrefix input for when there is a button afterward.
          No impact:
          Updated inside logic of date picker.
          Updated Text field disableAutoComplete attribute to be compatible with all browsers

      14.51.0 Angular 11 deprecated

          Deprecated css update
          Removed akita and lodash dependencies
          Updated Drag and drop according to the js lib
          Dropdown component available and ready
          Lib message overlayer:
          Prevent backdrop click input has been added
          Added sublabel for the options of a search field autocomplete
          Removed Epic style from selectable boxes component
          Pagination component: added alignment option 'table' for the use in a table

      14.30.0 11.109.0

      Added 2 options to lib tags: 'reset' and 'title'. removed EpicStyle option for all the components as it's deprecated

      14.26.1 11.106.1

      First public version