Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.

Latest news

You'll find here all you need to know to be up to date with the Design System.

last modified: 05/07/2024 10:05:17


Scarlet headings simplification

To render the Scarlet theme a bit more sober, title patches are no longer allowed and default titles take the same color as body text. Check Headings documentation for details.


One Warning color

The warning color is now the same for background and text to guarantee consistency.

Warning background positive

Text color
Warning text positive
Warning background negative

Text color
Warning text negative


Upload field Improvement

The input type="file" element has been revised to be simpler. From now on, it uses native HTML. Less JavaScript for more performance.

You will notice that the button is just an icon to avoid repetition with the label.

Documentation of Upload field has been updated and old HTML has been deprecated. Please take care of your pages.


Enhanced spinner

We've revamped the spinner web component to ensure simplicity and consistency. Now, enjoy a neutralized and standardized spinner, bringing a seamless experience for everyone, for both brands: Proximus & Scarlet.



Accessibility guidelines are now up to date, check out the updated documentations to adapt your pages:


New action links

Introducing View and Filter variants. Explore our updated Actions documentation for details.


CSS released to prod

Check the release notes.


Proximus' Internet icons update

In response to a marketing request and in collaboration with BCM Studio, we have updated 4 icons in the Figma Web UI kit Proximus and Web icon font Proximus to enhance the visual representation of different internet experiences.

General use, suitable when there is no specification about internet wifi or internet data.

Specifically designed for internet usage on a computer or for work.

Tailored for internet use on mobile devices.

Reserved for internet use on tablets, though not extensively used on the website. Kept available for future needs.

For Internet as an experience at home, use the “icon-Connected-house”

Additionally, when discussing the network, public wifi, we continue to use the “icon-Network”

The icon update has been seamlessly incorporated into the web's icon font, triggering an automatic update across all platforms and websites employing the Design System's icon font via CSS. See the updated icons

Additionally, please note that the Figma Web UI kit Proximus has been updated to reflect these changes.