Proximus design system
Important information:
Using the Design System implies following some rules: the code should be valid and same as the Design System. Meaning custom HTML & CSS override are forbidden.
Please don't forget to read Usage part of each element.

Order step

See deprecated code
expiry date: 30/04/2021

This component is deprecated and should no longer be used.

last modified: 29/07/2022 16:25:04

How to replace the order steps?

Depending of the needed functionnality, please replace the deprecated order steps in your page(s) by the progress indicator or the timeline.

  • Offer an indicative information about the progression of the user within a multi step task: Use Progress indicator
  • Offer an interactive set of elements to indicate a chronology of event. (e.g. tickets follow up, informative content about processes, etc.): Use Timeline


EXPIRY DATE: 30/04/2021

The dropdown below is not accessible and should no longer be used.
This element will no longer be available from the expiry date meaning the related css will be removed and the element design will be broken if it's not adapted to the new html.


  • rs-ordersteps
  • rs-sub-ordersteps
  • rs-txt-pp1
  • rs-txt-c4
  • Identification

Order overview

  • 2.1. Identification
  • 2.2. Order overview
  • 2.3. Delivery data
  • 2.4. Payment
  • 2.5. Confirmation
  • 2.6. Thank you

Order overview